I’m still afraid to share photos of myself while I was with my abusive husband, who henceforth shall be known as Jerkface. Every picture of me has the same faux smile, the puffy face, the sad eyes. And the unflattering clothes he made me wear. Like pleated khakis.

But this site isn’t about sad me, during those 6+ sad years, sadly hitched to Jerkface. It’s about you – likely sad also, possibly sadly hitched to your own Jerkface. True? If so, please know there is no judgment here on this site – only understanding, and a way out. Yes, you can say goodbye to your Jerkface FOREVER. I did. I’ll show you how.

Different bad is still bad.

First, a confession: right after I left Mr. Jerkface, I dated a female Jerkface. It was bad, but different bad. It took me a few years to realize that different bad is still bad. Abuse from a man or a woman is still abuse. Verbal abuse or physical abuse are both abuse. 5+ years after my first date with Ms. Jerkface, I left her too. Being with two jerks in a row was bad news for me, but it’s good news for you. I have LOTS of experience leaving jerks and you (probably) need help leaving yours. Who better to help than someone who’s done it – twice?

I’m now happily married to a super sweet, non-jerky guy. 8 years married, in fact, and we’ve been together for 12 years total. So, if I can leave two Jerkfaces – you can leave your one-and-only Jerkface, whether you’ve been together forever or just got engaged. Even if everyone you’ve been with has always been a Jerkface. You can end this now and never do it again. Promise.